How to Order

You may be an individual or a company, to purchase a report from JSB Market Research, we have simple steps which are as follow:


  • You can call us at +91 7710006748
  • In case you are purchasing the report on behalf of your company, you can email us your requirements from the official email ID. We typically reply within twenty-four hours. For any concern, you can reach out to us on
  • During purchase - We request our users to provide us:
    1. Name, designation, company name, address, official email ID and contact number
    2. Billing address
    3. Report Name and requirements (if any) 


Any published report purchased will be delivered in PDF form via email within 12 to 48 hours of receipt of payment. For custom reports, delivery will be as per the timelines agreed with the client before purchase. Consulting project reports will have a defined timeline due to its nature.

On specific requests, JSB Market Research can make a hard copy available for its clients. The delivery of the report will depend on the shipping address and nature of the report.


  • Placed orders of the listed product automatically transfer ownership to the user
  • The reports are provided after the final payment to JSB Market Research
  • Order once submitted and processed is not subject to cancellation
  • For custom reports & consulting projects, the delivery time will depend on the requirements
  • JSB Market Research does not hold the responsibility of delay in a report due to unfortunate circumstances or other reasons which are beyond one’s control
  • JSB Market Research reserves the right to change terms and conditions 
  • Research partners associated with JSB Market Research will be responsible for any discussions with regards to research reports since JSB Market Research is an authorized channel sales partner and does not publish research reports