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Registration and Site Information
Our registered members are provided with JSB market research newsletter along with weekly flashing of news about the specified industry sector.
The process assists in accomplishing the targets in providing special benefits to our value driven customers.
Register at JSB market research by clicking on here The procedure saves all data and assists with data researches which are actively customized to customer preferences.
Our customers are also provided with newsletter, articles and upcoming research publications.
Click on the provided link to proceed with a new password. The user shall receive immediate new login details at the registered email address.
  • Country wise report: Search by Location.
  • Browse by categories: Search by Industry.
  • Press Media: Free access of Press Releases.
  • Profile of the Company: Provision of company specific market research reports
  • Brand details: Affiliation information
People can search Report by company Name, industry name, seminar name, news, and country linked information.
Customers who are registered with JSB market research can gain access to latest updated and recently published information.
One can get information on the latest launch of the product. Once registered, one can enjoy an easy purchase option.
Order and Products
We have significant reports categorized by country, company profiles and industrial sectors.
The homepage link : allows one with exhibition of various sub links and contents with categorized partition link for Industrial and Conference event reports.
Our clients are provided with samples of market research report specified on selective basis.
One is allowed to request for a sample market research report and shall be confirmed with provision and delivered according to the availability.
We do provide sample report for our client's better understanding of research scope and other specifications.
Online registering click here.
You can obtain detailed industrial updates from JSB market research on specified subjects chosen during registration.
Services and Customer Support
  • Market Reports, industry analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Customized and section wise reports
  • Conference events (subscriptions and details)
  • Online Database of news updates
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Contact us by the provided details in email, post, cell or landline.
You can contact us during our office hours from 10 am to 6 pm IST (Monday-Saturday)
We are closed on Sunday and any email correspondence shall be followed up on Monday.
Every placing of an order by the customer is provisioned with a documented bill. Customers are provided with an email or related subjective form within the period of 24 hours.
Our system ensures in all cases, customers receive confirmation order by email for all the requested orders. Final invoice is sent to the customer after we receive payment from the customer.
Payment and Delivery
We deliver the formats in 24hour schedule. We deliver the formats in 24hour schedule.
We allow online payment for our reports through PayPal, wire transfer, Visa card, Visa Electron, Master Card, and CC Avenue. Please contact customer service for additional assistance.
Online payment and transactions are protected through secured servers. Here all the details are encrypted. No third party sources can gain access to customer’s bank details and other information. The banking details are protected for every transaction.
  • Credit Cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payment by cheque or DD: Only available to Indian customers.
On making a purchasing via credit card, the user will have to enter information in provided space like the credit card number, name on the card, date of credit card expiry and CVV number (numerical at the back side of credit card displayed in white grid).

The delivery depends on the report category which is getting ordered.

The time line of delivering of report can be on immediate basis / one day / 5 to 7 days. Delivery of company profiles and other on demand products takes one or half a day.

Dispatching of orders is processed only after receiving payment in full settlement.

Customers are requested to check the spam folder for the report. They must also check the available space in inbox and white list our email address domains. The user can contact us, and we will note the problem, and deliver the product immediately.

Tax ratios are applicable only to Indian customers with 12.36% tax as per the Reserve Bank of India Rule.

Taxation policy is not applicable on international customers.

Discounts and Customized Reports
Yes, we provide complementary copies of market research papers.
Yes, we have exclusive discount on reports for students. To avail such discounts, kindly email us the student ID and academic official letter.
Report section completely depends on the research and requirement. It is subject to confirmation from research partner. Users are recommended to review the sample page and in case of section wise purchase, provide the sections to " /".
Yes, we provide either of 5% discount to the friend or 5% referral fees to you.
Refund and Cancellation
There is no REFUND option. Clients are requested to check the details prior to final check out.
There is no CANCELLATION option. Clients are requested to check the details prior to final check out.