Core Inbound Strategy

Core Inbound Strategy: How would employ it to grow your business?

There remains a huge amount of data which supports the success of a well-planned inbound strategy making it worth for your company. However, the term is still new in the market with skepticism being strongly reckoned.

The increasing number of social media platforms and tech-awareness among adults have expanded the ways to connect consumers. Today, the consumer has become reachable and closer than ever before. This has developed the need for clever inbound approaches to consumers.

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Quantum Computing and Market Research

Quantum physics paves a new path for Artificial Intelligence!

Technology has progressed itself in numerous ways, thanks to the man-made contributions to the computer and industrial technology, processes have been developed solely on one criterion, to make things easier and profound. While discoveries are constantly on the rise, computerized knowledge has been deeply modified to suit the technological needs.

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AI-powered government services

The AI-Track of Indian railways is moving the govt ahead.

Indian Railways welcomes Artificial intelligence through AI integration in the rail-track schedule. Government sector envisions AI-powered government services sooner than later.

A recent update on the railway suggested how Indian railways plan to finally bring technology to play the needful time-game. Now, Artificial intelligence (AI) shall be able to become an instrument in determining the condition of rail tracks.

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Ai in Cannabis Industry.

Is the big leap here yet? Genetic libraries and AI speaks for the cannabis industry.

The basics of cannabis are fairly simple. A couple of genetic libraries in Canada are conducting advanced research while there are also a few startups coming up with AI integration in the industry. The next big thing for the cannabis industry is here.  

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What’s the Crude Oil Picture.

India to save up for crisis: What’s the Crude Oil Picture ?

The US urges all nations to stop Iranian oil imports by November 4. Failure warns economic sanctions. India gears up to face the storms with saved reservoirs.

The US hits Iran with sanctions, India may become a good Samaritan with a rupee-rial mechanism. The move is valiant but it will possibly turn out to be a savior at the time.

Refiners buy Iranian oil in euros on a 2-month credit basis. The rest funds come from SBI and Germany-based Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank. Though the Indian government has not urged to cut Iranian oil, RIL and Nayara are some of the private players have begun the lessening the Iranian imports.

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Microfluidics. The unheard term projects better exposure

Microfluidics is still a term unknown to many! It doesn’t belong to one particular area but the term comes into view when chemistry and technology intersect. George M Whitesides, one of the major contributors in the Microfluidics area rightly explains how it is referred to the flow with a channel dimension less than 1,000 µm as microfluidics and how the term is a lot more than that.

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3D printing advancement

Audi updates its designing process: 3D printing making it faster

Your favorite Audi just got faster…… this time, in its production process

The development process of vehicle design development has got significantly speedy at Audi, Pre-Series Center in Ingolstadt with the latest advancement in the 3D printing technology and its skillful application in the process of automotive production. The technology has enabled to 3D print various transparent and exact colored tail light covers and other vehicle production parts.
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The difference between machine learning and Artificial intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are some fancy words in the industry of technology, speaking of which, are playing a key role in the growth of tech-driven industries (almost all). Because of this, every industry entrant today strives to incorporate AI and machine learning in their business in some way expecting immediate and higher tangible returns. Many of them might not even understand the difference between the two or how it works.
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Neuromarketing : Think about it, it’s genius.

Neuromarketing is emerging as the key tool in the marketing industry. The idea is to let your brain reveal hidden and profitable truths for a marketer. See how market-giants are demonstrating it in their marketing strategies!

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Solar projects in india

Uplifting Solar Sector: What’s the Practical Picture?

India can be called the solar hub with major parts of India being suitable for peak solar radiation. PM Modi’s solar power target and installed solar energy project investments boost the potential capacity of renewable energy power plants capturing highest returns. India already has an enormous consumer stand which is the third largest in the world.

Investment: generate 100 GW of solar power by 2022

PM Narendra Modi sets a target of 100 Gigawatts (GW) renewable power from solar energy projects by 2022. This is going to be a major part of his renewable energy project.

India will be contributing $27 million to the International Solar Alliance which is going to be a project of 5 years of recurring investment until 2021.

Solar Corporation of India (SECI) and Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency ( IREADA) have individually contributed $ 1 million to create the ISA corpus fund.

While Softbank also has collaborated with Chinese company GCL System integration technology venturing $930 million worth solar power project in India last month, the Japanese company also jumps in a solar investment worth $20 million in Bharti Enterprises for solar power plants in India.

Current Projects:

Speaking of the projects until now, a report reveals India installed solar power capacity project of 16.68 gigawatts. Three years down the line, the center expects 113 GW renewable energy obtained from the installed solar power plants.

Green incentivization policy of Indian government has generated a standardized module for the demand and supply of solar energy. Some of the researchers have advocated the positive approach of government for the renewable energy sector of the country. However, research groups have admittedly raised concerns about high expectations and a bigger target in a short span of time.

Solar energy in India has geared up for a bigger transformation and there isn’t a doubt in the fact. That being stated, despite all the finance invested in the projects, the execution, direction and the achieving the expected results can be a tough row to hoe.

Having learned the changing energy landscape of India, researchers in the field have raised concerns pertaining to the price offered in the solar auctions, stating the lack of sustainability.

In order to meet the exceptional goals of the solar energy sector, the government would require strong and excellent framing of policies with active participation.

Recent studies have suggested that the solar investment in India needs to be raised to $125 billion funds if the country expects its determined solar plan to get executed properly. As per 2015 statements by government officials, the country shall meet its targets if the country manages to push up funds to $100 billion by 2022.

Talking of widespread usage of solar grid energy, around a quarter of India’s population still lacks access to electricity. Resolving all such conundrums would require $250 billion to achieve the goal. This can only be achieved if a major part of the funds comes from private sector.

Future aspects:

Although total potential energy output cannot be precisely projected in quantitative terms, the average capacity utilization factor for solar PV is approximately 20% mark. Notwithstanding, the sector surely growth in leaps and bounds signaling greater opportunities.

If the solar power plants and projects in India happen to interest the commercial and multinational investment institutes, the significant funds received from these sections would assuredly help drive growth and achieve predetermined targets.