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Terms And Conditions

JSB Market Research reserves every right to make revision in conditions. Users are required to read the terms & conditions carefully before placing of order. It is our responsibility to provide users with quality research reports.


Users are required to be in agreement with the notices, contract and additional communications of JSB Market Research. Every disclosure or information provided by JSB Market Research will be in compliance with the legal requirement and will be provided in writing.

Exclusive rights

  1. JSB Market Research has the sole ownership and property rights for every contents such as graphics, logos, images, digital downloads, text and software which are included in the company site.
  2. The properties of JSB Market Research are protected by the global copyright laws
  3. The users are bound by the law that the research reports can’t be used for selling, duplication, reproducing, reselling or make use of reports for any kind of commercial reasons.
  4. Users are restricted from extracting or re-using any part of the website without any written consent and approval from JSB Market Research.


  1. Placed orders of the listed product automatically transfers ownership and content rights to the user.
  2. The reports shall be dispatched only after full and final settlement of the report price to JSB Market Research.
  3. JSB Market Research shall arrange for provision of the respective market research report to the user post receiving of the purchase order.
  4. Order once submitted and processed will not be subject to cancellation.
  5. Users will be provided with the purchased report in a period of 12 to 24 hours.
  6. JSB Market Research will not hold responsibility of delay in report due to unfortunate circumstances or other reasons which might be beyond one’s control.

Site Access

  1. No third party access to portray JSB Market Research ( along with its associated corporations in a misleading manner.
  2. JSB Market Research logos, trademarks or graphics are under the sole rights of the company. Any use, modification or personal use of the company properties without any consent in writing can be breach of company law.
  3. No duplication of the site, meta-tags or hidden texts in any manner, no extraction of data and information gathering.
  4. JSB Market Research has the complete authority to terminate the agreement in case of breach of company laws.