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Robotics in Utilities - Thematic Research

  • Published Date: 25 May 2018
  • Number of Pages: 36
  • Category: Technology
  • Country: Global

Robotics in Utilities - Thematic Research


Many existing robotics applications have historically been very industry-specific. The majority of robots continue to be deployed in manufacturing, and many of the newer robotics developments focus on certain sectors like healthcare or defense, with limited applicability to other sectors. Nevertheless, utilities have recently been going through a period of disruption that is pushing the industry out of its century-old comfort zone, and forcing it to seek innovative solutions to the many problems facing it.

Utilities are increasingly turning to digital technologies to try and deal with the challenges of an increasingly decentralized infrastructure, regulatory pressure, and uncertainty around future business models and demand patterns. Robotics certainly fit into this wider narrative.

In the utilities industry, robots and drones are increasingly being explored as a way of improving the inspection of dangerous and hard to reach assets, as well as maintaining those assets. Robotics is also important in the nuclear industry, enabling the safe handling of radioactive waste, for example.

Whatever you think of robotics, a revolution is occurring around them. Software and processing technology, sensors, commercial drones, autonomous vehicles, and developments around collaborative robots (co-bots) are all driving robotics capabilities to new heights and driving uptake of millions of consumer, entertainment, and service and industrial robots. The report "Robotics in Utilities - Thematic Research", offers a framework in which to look at robotics, summarizes the important trends, and identifies the key players.The report also helps in identifying winners and losers based on technology leadership, market position and other factors.

Companies Mentioned: Cyberdyne, Estun Automation, Fanuc, HollySys, Honda, Intuitive Surgical, iRobot, Keyence, Kuka, Nabtesco, Omron, Rockwell Automation, Siasun Robot & Automation, Stryker, Teradyne, Toyota, Yaskawa, UBTECH, Rethink Robotics, Fetch Robotics, DJI, Brain Corp, Auris Health, National Grid, Con Edison, SGN, Hydro-Quebec


- This report explores the benefits of robotics and drones in the utilities industry.
- The importance of robotics in the nuclear industry as well; for instance, enabling the safe handling of radioactive waste
- The report further divides the robot value chain into three segments - brains, assembly, and components
- The report also highlights key players in every segment, including industrial robotics, service robots, drones, software components, and hardware components

Reasons to buy

- This report looks at the state the global robotics industry and its applications in the utilities sector.
- The schematic identifies some of the leading companies in robotics and categorises their position in the emerging robotics landscape.
- The report looks at the big technology trends in the robotics industry as a whole, then zooming in on some of the key robotics trends in the utilities sector.
- The report also provides an overview of the robotics value chain, which is highly dependent on specific use cases.
- The report offers an industry analysis and an overview of the impact of robotics on utilities, including case studies, and key recommendations for utilities and robotics companies.

Publisher Name : GlobalData

Tech trends 4
Robotics Trends in Utilities 7
Industrial caged robots 10
Co-bots 10
Logistics robots 11
Medical robots 11
Consumer robots 12
Commercial Drones 12
Military drones 12
Autonomous vehicles 13
Specialist robotics software 14
Cloud robotics 14
Semiconductor chips 15
Mechanical components 15
Mergers and acquisitions 22
Timeline 23
Utilities case studies 26
Key recommendations for utilities 27
Key recommendations for robotics companies 28
Public tech companies 29
Private technology companies 33
Utilities companies 34

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