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Medical Tourism: Market Outlook and Trends

  • Published Date: 31 Aug 2018
  • Number of Pages: 99
  • Category: Healthcare and Medical
  • Country: Global

Medical tourism refers to the travel across countries for obtaining medical treatment and benefitting from the treatment, which might not be accessible in their own nation. Medical tourism is considered as the direct impact of globalization of healthcare and has the potential for strong growth globally.

Scope of Report

This report on medical tourism provides a comprehensive analysis of the market across the globe. The report discusses the medical insurance policies across various countries and initiatives taken by the destination countries to attract the medical tourists. It also analyzes current and potential opportunities for medical tourism market. The report is arranged to provide an overview of the medical tourism market by treatment type and top most destination countries. The overall market is studied and an extensive data for the treatment options and the costs involved for each treatment type across various countries is provided.

The report includes analysis of leading and emerging countries offering medical services at an affordable price range in the current worldwide medical tourism market. Reason for attractiveness, available treatments, developments and government policies is extensively discussed. This report also looks at clinics that are being looked up as the hot destinations due to the available infrastructure or the cost factor. The government policies are examined with special focus to determine the impact they have in influencing the medical tourism market. Drivers and the restraints are studied in detail to better understand the market and to understand the future growth scope of the market.

Reasons for Doing This Study

The high cost of treatment combined with long waiting lists in developed countries, new innovative technologies, the affordable cost of international transportation and the development of the Internet are major factors driving this market. In addition, the emergence of international communication companies which act as intermediaries between patients and hospital networks, make it easy for patients to access information and prices. The aforementioned factors are compelling the patients of highly developed countries to travel to other countries with affordable healthcare practices.

However, epidemic outbreaks, complications with patient follow-up and post-procedure, hurdles in obtaining visas, lack of infrastructure and political instability are likely to restrain the growth of the market. This report will address all such issues that are driving and/or constraining the markets growth and will discuss probable solutions that can address such concerns. The report also highlights key trends and that can help the reader understand the growth potential.

The report presents issues affecting the markets growth and probable solutions that can address these concerns. Various treatment types in the medical tourism market are provided in the report. The report also highlights market opportunities, trends and provides the quantitative assessment of the market. This can help manufacturers in the respective fields of treatment to strategize their growth in the destination countries where huge potential exists.
Publisher Name : BCC Research
Chapter 1 Introduction
Study Goals and Objectives
Reasons for Doing This Study
Scope of Report
Geographic Breakdown
Analysts Credentials
BCC Custom Research
Related BCC Research Reports
Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights
Chapter 3 Market and Technology Background
Medical Tourists
Preprocedural Precautions
Healthcare Needs Across Countries
Medical Experts
Chapter 4 Market Dynamics
Market Drivers
Improving Service Quality
Availability of the Latest Medical Technologies and Infrastructure
Difference in Cost of Medical Treatment in Developed and Developing Countries
Global Medical Insurance
Attractive Medical Policies in Developing Countries
Market Restraints
Epidemic Outbreaks
Patient Follow Up and Post-Procedure Complications
Visa Hurdles
Lack of Infrastructure
Political Instability
Market Opportunities
Favorable Government Policies
Government Initiatives in Medical Tourism
Chapter 5 Insurance and Healthcare Policies
Health Insurance in Medical Tourism
Current Scenario
Government Policy and Regulation
Public Health Concerns Regarding Different Disease Ecosystem
Concerns with Regard to Pre-Counseling and Informed Consent
Health Concerns Post Treatment
Health Concerns During Post Treatment Travel
United Kingdom
South Korea
Chapter 6 Top Clinics Across the Globe
Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA)
Top 10 Clinics
Chapter 7 Global Medical Tourism Destinations
Market Overview
Reason for Attractiveness
Reason for Attractiveness
Reason for Attractiveness
Reason for Attractiveness
Reason for attractiveness
Costa Rica
Available Treatments
Treatment Costs
Reason for Attractiveness
Reason for Attractiveness
South Korea
Reason for Attractiveness
Reason for Attractiveness
Reason for Attractiveness
United Arab Emirates
U. S.
Reasons for Increase of Outbound Patients from U.S.
Chapter 8 Top Treatments Offered in Global Medical Tourism Destinations
Cosmetic Surgery
Invasive Procedures
Non-Invasive Procedures
Advanced Orthopedic Market Development
Medical Tourism Impact on the Orthopedic Market
Bariatric Surgery
Medical Tourism
Cardiac Treatments
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
Medical Tourism
Ophthalmic Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
Refractive Surgery (Laser Operation for Eyes)
Trabeculectomy Surgery (Glaucoma Surgery)
Medical Tourism
The Future of Ophthalmology Abroad
Dental Surgery
Market Drivers
Medical Tourism
Fertility Treatment
Causes of Infertility
Stages of Fertility Treatment
Key Market Trends

List Of Tables

Summary Table : Treatment Cost Comparison, by Countries, 2017
Table 1 : Approximate Savings, by Country, 2017
Table 2 : Top Medical Tourism Destinations Market, 2017
Table 3 : Brazilian Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 4 : Malaysia Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.K., 2017
Table 5 : Malaysia Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 6 : Indian Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 7 : Indian Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.K., 2017
Table 8 : Thailand Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 9 : Turkey Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.K., 2017
Table 10 : Costa Rica Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 11 : Mexican Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 12 : Taiwan Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 13 : South Korean Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 14 : Singapore Medical Treatment Cost Comparison with the U.S., 2017
Table 15 : Hip Replacement: Global Cost Variations, by Country, 2017
Table 16 : U.S. Health Insurance Coverage, by Age Group, 2017
Table 17 : Global Bariatric Procedures, by Type, 2014-2015
Table 18 : Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the World, 2015
Table 19 : Endodontic Surgery Types
Table 20 : Commonly Used Prosthodontic Appliances
Table 21 : Orthodontic Surgery Types
Table 22 : Neurosurgery Options

List Of Figures

Summary Figure : Global Medical Tourism Market, 2017-2023
Figure 1 : Global Medical Tourism Market, 2017-2023
Figure 2 : Market Shares of Medical Services Demanded, by Medical Tourists in Costa Rica, 2012

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