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Robotics in Power - Thematic Research

  • Published Date: 05 Aug 2019
  • Number of Pages: 47
  • Category: Energy and Utilities
  • Country: Global

Robotics in Power - Thematic Research

Power utilities place their bets on robotics

Power utilities are increasingly using robotics to handle the inspection of risky, time-consuming, and hard to reach assets, as well as maintaining those assets and improving their operations. Robots and drones now play a crucial role in the power utilities space in areas such as operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset inspection, leading to savings on O&M costs. For the power industry, the main goal of robots and drones is attaining complete autonomy, without requiring human intervention, to perform inspection, maintenance, and repair activities at dangerous areas or sites such as nuclear facilities, bases of hydropower dams, and transmission and distribution (T&D) lines. Robots and drones have penetrated their way into the power industry and are finding applications across various segments such as T&D, wind, solar, nuclear, hydropower and fossil fuels.


- This report explores the impact of robotics and drones in the utilities industry.
- The report highlights three main use cases for robotics in utilities, and these apply primarily to asset-heavy segments of the sector including generation and transmission and distribution.
- The report also explores utilities case studies.
- The report further divides the robot value chain into three core segments - robot manufacturers, robot brains, and robotic components.
- The report also highlights key players in every segment, including industrial robotics, service robots, drones, software components, hardware components, and power utilities.

Reasons to buy

- This report looks at the state the global robotics industry and its applications in the utilities sector.
- The schematic identifies some of the leading companies in robotics and categorises their position in the emerging robotics landscape.
- The report looks at the big technology trends in the robotics industry as a whole, then zooming in on some of the key robotics trends in the utilities sector.
- The report also provides an overview of the robotics value chain, which is highly dependent on specific use cases.
- The report offers an industry analysis and an overview of the impact of robotics on utilities, including case studies, and key recommendations for utilities and robotics companies.

Publisher Name : GlobalData

Robotic use case trends
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Robotics trends in utilities
Market size and growth forecasts
Case study: Ocado
Mergers and acquisitions
Impact of robotics on utilities
Utilities case studies
Key recommendations for utilities
Key recommendations for robotics companies
Robot manufacturers
Software components - the brains
Hardware components
Public companies
Private companies
Utility companies

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