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TrendSights Overview: Sensory & Indulgence - Driving demand for more novel, authentic, and high quality consumption experiences

  • Published Date: 11 Oct 2018
  • Number of Pages: 67
  • Category: Consumer Goods
  • Country: Global
TrendSights Overview: Sensory & Indulgence - Driving demand for more novel, authentic, and high quality consumption experiences


Sensory & Indulgence is the driving force behind higher expectations of quality, variety, and immersive "consumption experiences." As the value placed on experiences grows, brands need to continually innovate with exciting offerings to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This creates opportunities for more unusual, challenging and premium products that can satisfy these demands for novelty and uniqueness.

Sensory & Indulgence is one of the eight mega-trends that GlobalData covers as part of our TrendSights Overview series of consumer insight studies. The analysis covers what the mega-trend is, which trends it is comprised of, why it is important, who is most influenced by it, and how brands can capitalize across FMCG, retail and foodservice.


- The Sensory & Indulgence mega-trend is highly influential on purchase decisions across FMCG.
- Social media, globalization, and rising disposable incomes are key factors driving the Sensory & Indulgence mega-trend.
- Globally, three quarters of consumers enjoy experimenting with products from different cultures/countries.

Reasons to buy

- Identify different routes through which brands can align with the Sensory & Indulgence mega-trend through formulation, marketing claims, packaging and merchandising.
- Compare the impact of Sensory & Indulgence in each industry across FMCG, retail, and foodservice and learn what the key opportunities are now and in the future.
- Explore how the impact of the Sensory & Indulgence mega-trend varies by region and generational groups to inform targeted marketing strategies and product development.
- Look ahead to explore how Sensory & Indulgence will evolve in the future, to ensure you stay relevant to the mega-trend.
Publisher Name : GlobalData

1. Introduction
2. Sectors
3. Generations
4. Regions
5. The Future
6. Appendix

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