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Google and Mayo Clinic on new AI project, Business Ampverse with e-sport market players, and more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series a new weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Business Ampverse with South Asian e-sport market players

The key players in the e-gaming and esports South Asian markets have come together to launch gaming and esports business Ampverse. The team shall also have strategic advisors such as Rob Gilby, Ex MD of Walt Disney of South East Asia. With this, the gaming industry in South Asia views better opportunities to capitalize on gaming’s growth at the global level.

Google and Mayo Clinic on a new AI project

With a ten-year-long partnership, Google and Mayo Clinic have come together with a goal to transform the healthcare institution’s uses of patient data, AI, and cloud-computing services across all its work from care delivery to product development. 

Chatbot for employees: The new trend! 

The chatbot industry is observing a new trend in the market. Unlike the chatbot service is famous for improving customer service experience, the new trend aims to penetrate chatbots for a better understanding of the employees and contributing to improving their performance. The trend in the HR field may encourage further research projects of technology integration. 

ROBO Pilot interacts with the aviation mission computer

The new ROBO pilot in the aviation industry interacts with an airplane. As it would get information and data from the Global Positioning System and SA sensor, the Robo-pilot would enable making automated flight decisions.

Iris recognition to reduce the presence of type II diabetes. 

Recent research has made it possible where the biometric accuracy of Iris recognition is reduced in the existence of type two diabetes. This has boosted further research and development in the Iris recognition industry. 

 – Written by Gauri Ludbe 

Business Writer

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Waste imports from west get unappreciated in SouthAsia, Smart Parking to triple its number globally and more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series a new weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Challenges in database management systems could cost $2.5 for Australia

Australian market players may have to suffer due to increased challenges in maintaining data. Inefficient data management systems can cost them around $2.5 million annually and hence the industry demands further research and development to overcome the lows. 

Waste imports from west get unappreciated in SouthAsia

Locals from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia oppose the imports of waste from western countries. However, this has also encouraged the demand for metal waste and recycling in Southeast Asia. The event will have an impact created on the Metal Waste and Recycling markets of SouthAsia. 

Multi-cloud users invite security trouble 

Increased cloud data adoption has raised security concerns among market players. SaaS security becomes a concern when multi-cloud users have to maintain large systems. A recent research report tried to find the key insights into the SaaS security industry at the global report which reported present challenges the industry may face in the upcoming future. 

Smart Parking to triple its number globally

Recent research projected the number of on-street smart parking spaces to get tripled. The massive response received for smart parking will reflect in the next decade. The global smart parking industry will thrive with metros around the world will viewing the increased demand. 

North America again dominates the plant protein industry 

North America region has a robust dominance in the plant protein market in the year 2018. The global industry may view the North America region continuing its influence in the plant protein markets. 

 – Written by Gauri Ludbe 

Business Writer

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Finance industries face most Cyber trouble, California powers FCV with 40 new hydrogen fuel stations and more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series a new weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Subsea 7 gives a push to its new oil and gas projects 

Subsea 7 plans to continue its Engineering Conversion Program. The company invests in skilled engineers for building new careers in subsea oil and gas industry. The new project installation engineers will be given the responsibility for the delivery and execution of its upcoming ventures. 

California powers FCV with 40 new hydrogen fuel stations

Forty new Hydrogen Fuelling stations in California encourage fuel cell viability with its active presence. Fuel Cell Vehicles owners driving from San Diego to Lake Tahoe now will not lose out of hydrogen fuel as the new stations get them covered. It has encouraged other regions in the states to push forward hydrogen fuel stations sooner than later. 

Finance industries face most Cyber trouble 

Recent cybersecurity research reports found that there’s more threat of cybersecurity in the financial industries. For finance institutes, brokerage firms and other banking organizations, SQL injection attacks, Ransomware, and cross-site scripting are said to be the highest expected threats. 

US Trade War to affect medical device technologies market 

The medical devices market feels the heat on an international level due to the US trade war with China. Though the latest innovations in the technologies of medical devices such as 3D biopsies, improved CMR surgical has big promises, the trade war hampers its global growth. 

Saudi Arabia emerges as the largest outbound travel market

As per the recent Saudi Arabia outbound travel and tourism report, the residents of Saudi Arabia are the biggest spenders when it comes to traveling abroad. For Saudis, UAE, Bahrain, and Jordan are the top destinations for traveling. 

  – Written by Gauri Ludbe 

Business Writer

Throwback Thursday Independence day special 15th August 2019

Unlike the usual ThrowbackThursday, this week’s Throwback is exceptionally special for JSB Market Research. As 15th August 2019 leads India to 73rd year of Independence, this week’s ThrowbackThursday is dedicated to every Indian freedom fighter who contributed to making India an Independent nation.

1857 Revolt:

This is known to be the first revolt against the East India Company, the first war of independence. Though the revolt failed, its impact on Indians suffering from British rule was intense as it gave them hopes of home rule. Additionally, it put fear in the mind of British rulers. 

Partition of Bengal:

Announced on 19 July 1905, the partition of Bengal separated the largely Muslim eastern areas from the largely Hindu western areas. While India was on a rise of unity awakening, the partition of Bengal brought many Indians together to fight against Lord Curzon and British rule. The event left the Bengal streets full of Bande Mataram echoes. 

Azad Hind Fauj:

Azad Hind Fauj was formed with an aim to secure Indian independence from British rule. The army played a crucial role in the WW2 and rightfully channelizing the outrage against British order.  The Fauj had around 45,000 soldiers, including a number of prisoners of war and Indians who were settled in various countries of south-east Asia.

The entry of non-violent freedom fighters:

The era of non-violent freedom fighters is considered to be an important one with some of the major contributing events such as quit India movement, salt march, Satyagraha Movement. It brought Indians together on a large scale and showed a unified India before the British rule. 

1947 independence:

With continuous revolts and movements taking place across India, freedom fighters weakened the hold of british rule, eventually making them leave after world war two. With immense efforts by thousands of people across the nation, India is living 72 years of its independence. India continues to thrive in a self-governed economy. 

Thought the aforementioned are some of the key movements that had a major contribution to India’s independence history, there were several other revolts and movements which cannot go ignored. 


Healthcare market explores extended reality, ‘Cool’ smart coatings for roof technologies, and more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series is a weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Spendings double up in the future global cloud service market:

As per technology market research, Australian organizations gain A$9bn in productivity benefits from the cloud. Technology market research suggests such The worldwide spending in the cloud professional services market is likely to double by 2023.

US encourages sports medicine through new centers: 

While New York Sports Medicine Institute announced comprehensive care for athletes, the US sports medicine market is observing an increase in the number of sports Medicine and Performance Centers, the latest being in Colorado. As per healthcare market research, this will encourage development projects in the global sports medicine industry. 

‘Cool’ smart coatings for roof technologies: 

As per chemical market research, new roof technologies use phase change material (PCM) and smart coatings and surfaces that will selectively reflect and absorb heat. Smart coatings market may see more such developments in the upcoming years that will boost the overall market growth. 

New improved treatment for IPF reduces suffering and costs:

A new clinical model is expected to address terminally ill idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients by decreasing suffering and costs, according to pharmaceutical market research. It is considered to be an emerging innovation in palliative care. 

Healthcare market explores extended reality

The extended reality, a single healthcare platform may show a combination of different technologies for providing specific health benefits. As per recent market research, AR and VR  will grow at a CAGR of 36.35% by 2025 and it will boost its application in the healthcare industry.

  – Written by Gauri Ludbe 

Business Writer

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A low week for Kajaria Ceramics, Volkswagen adheres to CNG and more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series a new weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Uber is optimistic with Urban Air Mobility

As Uber enters the urban air mobility market, it plans out new strategies to make money from its ventures. With this, the UAM industry is likely to become competitive in a few years. Recent logistics market research reports value the market around USD 5.25 billion in 2018 with a growing CAGR of 11.34% over by the end of 2026. 

A low week for Kajaria Ceramics 

Despite the ceramic markets view greater growth, the last week for Kajaria Ceramics wasn’t a great one with a 9.14% fall in its price. How does the company plan to bounce back in the global advanced ceramics market poses a question. The latest global materials market research reports suggest bio-Ceramics will be the largest segment for ceramics in the next few years. It will be interesting to see how marketers plan to take it ahead in the industry.

Volkswagen adheres to CNG amidst electrified automotive industry 

Although the automotive industry observes big talks of advancing electrification of fleets, Volkswagen Group sticks to CNG. The company pushes new projects with CNG as an alternative for decarbonizing road transport. The Volkswagen swot analysis 2019 analyzes the factors influencing the company’s strategies and plans more details about its widened product range. 

Revlimid comes up in the Oncology blockbuster drug list

Revlimid, the thalidomide analog has come up in the list of Oncology Blockbuster Drugs Market with its annual sales increasing with 18.3%. As per the recent pharmaceuticals market research reports its sales had reached $9.685 billion in 2018. 

Nokia boosts IoT for Agri-tech

With its Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING), Nokia works on a smart agri-tech program in Algerian smart agriculture industry. The program with offer data to Algerian farmers which will eventually help them gain better yields. This is one of the projects with new technology in agriculture in 2019. 

  – Written by Gauri Ludbe 

Business Writer

Autonomous Vehicles Explore Off roads, India tops global port projects & more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series a new weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Global Semi Fully Autonomous Vehicle Market

The potentiality of semi and fully autonomous cars are being tested around the world. With this, the demand for autonomous vehicles has encouraged market development and growth. 

The last week explore the future of autonomous vehicles on to farms, construction sites, and mines. 

2018 Global Cream cheese Industry

As food industry experiments with various local and international cuisines, it boosts the demand for the cream cheese industry. The cheese process industry is taking a global shape as new international ventures join the global market. 

Global Port Construction Projects

India tops with global port construction projects. The present port construction projects valued at $39.4 Billion, countries like India, Iran, US are becoming some of the major contributors of the global port construction market

Global FPSO Industry

More than 60 planned and announced FPSOs are expected to start operations globally by 2025. It will be interesting to see how the FPSO industry will take shape shortly. 

Global Jet Fuel Oil Market

Recent research and developments are likely to explore the projects of carbon-negative jet fuel oil. This will bring about a new turn in the already growing global jet fuel oil industry.

  – Written by Gauri Ludbe 

Business Writer


Microfluidics. The unheard term projects better exposure

Microfluidics is still a term unknown to many! It doesn’t belong to one particular area but the term comes into view when chemistry and technology intersect. George M Whitesides, one of the major contributors in the Microfluidics area rightly explains how it is referred to the flow with a channel dimension less than 1,000 µm as microfluidics and how the term is a lot more than that.

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Global Oil Economy

Non-OPEC Producers Set To Dominate Global Oil Economy: US Tops the List

What is shale/tight oil?

Shale oil, in other words, tight oil is light crude oil contained in petroleum-bearing formations of low permeability.

The Major tight oil producers:

Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran Iraq had been the major producers in the industry, however, the US, Canada production is on the rise since past few years, dominating the market. This eventually upturns the production hierarchy in the oil and gas industry.


OPEC has always been the swayer of the international market for several decades. While the growth of the tight oils market is on the rise, the United States surprises OPEC by playing a major role in the whole event. Needless to say, the growth has led to a rise in the prices of tight oil. What should interest you more is the recent market report which projects the US to overhaul Saudi Arabia and other major producers in next few months presenting the future of oil and gas industry 2018.

How did the US production suddenly increase?

The oil and gas industry overview suggests the typical production methods for oil wells have relatively lower break-even point.

The case isn’t the same in shale oil companies as they need the propulsion to get desired output.

This driving force came from the high crude rates. It eventually boosted the US production in oil.

OPEC: Off the back seat

The rise in oil price is not new to the market. Aiming to lower the rates, OPEC was already on a production cut move ever since the price had taken a rise-jerk last year.

However, the US energy market has suddenly emerged as the overpowered oil producer in the world, it has impelled Saudi Arabia and OPEC nations to withdraw from their cut-in-the-production policy.

Market insights reveal OPEC plans to prioritizes to balance their global tight oil production.

The discussions are projecting to get the output back to its place once the oil cuts expire.

That being said, Saudi Oil ministry informs that their emphasization will be more on lessening the OECD endowment having seen its far above inventories.

Although the production cut ends in March 2018, officials plan to extend it further for another month or two to avoid price collapse in the market due to sudden change.

OPEC ensures a subtle exit from the cut-move and covers the accumulations of past years.

Other nations having tight oil reserves:

The number of nations with shale oil reserves has remained a subject of dispute.

The harmful environmental effects such as ground and water contamination and other polluting elements have made many countries involved in the oil production with stealth.

There’s a huge dissent from other countries against the production of oil and gas. According to environmentalists, oil production does not benefit to the extent it causes environmental adulteration.

Will it cause price reversal?

The oil prices are pushing upwards since global economic growth and expectations increase demand growth.

On the other hand, the side including OPEC and its non-OPEC allies led by Russia take up tightened policies limiting the oil production.

Russian and Saudi energy officials recapitulate the cut-in-the-production approach while Saudi urging non-OPEC associates to continue production cuts.

The cut-production strategy picture isn’t clear until coming June. OPEC’s long-term strategy seemed afar extending the cuts and anticipating the market finally balance.

Industry Insight

What is an Insight? Why do businesses in the search for ‘insightful’ information

Businesses talk about big words like planning and strategies and whatnot, however, they would often be found oblivious to the most crucial factor of the business. Customer!

How many businesses understand their customers to its true sense? When it comes to creating new products and services, or marketing products to potential consumers, very few firms refer to what they call market research insights.

Companies have done a lot of research to create something which can be called insights. Many of them don’t even know the actual meaning of the word. Most of them are misled in the name of it.

A dictionary defines the term as knowledgeable information that holds an accurate and deep understanding of something or someone.

We would look a couple of more definitions which would clear the air by explaining its meaning in a better way.

A study suggests the denotation of Insight lies in a meaningful opportunity created from the information perceived through research.

While that research can be called as insights. Others have interpreted insight as to the answer to why rather than what of a trend or behavior along with further explanation of what if?

Insight is something that seems obvious to a layman but important to a marketing fellow. Industry insights give you ‘I never thought of it that way’ moments eventually helping you to turn the information into opportunities.

If we try to study different words related to insight, we can comprehend the word well.

Simply put,

Fact: 66.7% employees in an organization drink coffee.
Observation: Employees drink coffee twice a day.

Insight: Employees drink more coffee when they are stressed.

From above examples, we can understand that insight has to be new, focused, intense and directional.

It outlines our thinking of how we see a situation, leading us towards creativity.

Market research companies can give you insights in following ways which would have prospects to accelerate your marketing strategies of the company.

  • Consumer insights
  • Cultural insights
  • Future insights
  • Products insights
  • Brand insights
  • Market insights
  • Purchase insights
  • Usage insights
  • Owner insights

Incorporating insights into marketing the product

  • Insight helps to understand your target group in a way that you can market products towards your customer to propel purchasing habits.
  • Demographics, psychographics cultural impact can help you analyze how your customers make decisions while buying a product. Besides, it enables organizations to know what can be done to influence customers’ choices.
  • It involves accurately determining which marketplaces have a demand for your product as it can be an important element to increase your product sales.
  • Research on your competitors focused on where they’re most effective and how their marketing strategies are affecting customers can help to analyze your company’s strategies and the necessary changes to be done in your operations.
  • With rapid changes seen in technology, you have to select the right channels to sell your product which would keep pace with technological trend most effectively.

These are only a few ways how you can incorporate insights to market your brand. Market researchers comment, insight is rather an open concept which open thousands of doors trailing innovations and creative visions.