Global Online Travel Market Report 2019; Forecast up to 2024

Global Online Travel Market Report 2019; Forecast up to 2024

Evolving trends and technology are shaping the online travel market to the next level. Several changes are expected in the future that will benefit travelers as well as sellers. 

Online Travel Market Trends

According to the world’s fastest-growing online travel platform Agoda, passport-free travel, mobile app check-in and single app serving all travel needs are the three new travel norms to be demanded by the travelers in the coming decade. 

Consumer’s attitude is the main power behind the online travel industry. Most of the destinations are steadily adapting to online travel trends. The advancement in technology is enhancing the performance of online travel experience. 

The technology has simplified the way for anyone located anywhere to search,  access million of hotels and booking details across the world with real-time rates and availability. Travelers can handle their holidays and bookings. The travelers can book, pay for their holiday destination and can also cancel their booking. 

Further the year 2020 will be defined by the power of machine learning that will enable companies to provide personalized and more relevant guidance to make travel booking easier. 

Scope of the report

The report on Global Online Travel Market entails a detailed analysis of key trends within online travel and its impact on the industry.  The report layout key statistics on the market status of the online travel market manufacturers. The report determines the growth of the market and also market development trends up to 2024. 

The global online travel market covers the world’s major regions such as North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, MEA (Middle East Africa) and Europe.

Some Key Players of the Online Travel Market

  • Priceline Group (
  • International
  • Hotel Urbano Trave
  • TripAdvisor
  • Hostelworld Group
  • Orbitz

Learn more 

For more details and analysis, Check JSB Market Research’s Global Online Travel Market Report, Forecast to 2024. The study analyses the market share of each region, company, and product. The report also entails challenges, threats, constraints, opportunities, and investment opportunities prevailing in the market.

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