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Huawei to boost its revenue with 5G rollout, IFC to extend helping hands to Vietnam tourism and more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series is a new weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Saudi invites global official to probe into drone attacks 

The misery of Saudi Arabia’s drone attacks has shattered the world. The U.S is claiming allegations on Iran behind the attacks whereas Iran is contradicting the claim. Prima facie, Saudi alleges the use of Iranian weapons in attacks. UN and global experts are probing into the matter.

Huawei set to boost its revenue with 5G rollout

China’s telecom giant, Huawei will improve its revenue in the upcoming year. Huawei has acquired more than fifty 5G commercial contracts, with maximum from Europe. The numbers are huge despite being banned by major markets such as Japan and Australia.

Type 31 frigate to be built by Babcock International

UK’s royal navy warship, Type 31 frigate will have a Danish design of Arrowhead 140, to be built by Babcock International. It will be the first non-British warship to enter service in the 2020s. The cost of manufacturing goes up to £250m. 

IFC extends helping hands to Vietnam tourism

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) will assist Vietnam by providing a loan of up to $87.5 million for developing tourism. The assistance will bring job opportunities in large numbers in the country. Some proportion of the loan will be dedicated to Laos too.

GE Healthcare receives FDA approval on artificial intelligence

FDA has approved a new X-ray device, named Critical Care Suite based on the mechanism of artificial intelligence. U.S based GE Healthcare’s device will lower the detection time of a collapsed lung. The device will be introduced in the U.S market in the upcoming year. 

 – Written by Supriya Khedekar

Business Writer

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