Google and Mayo Clinic on new AI project, Business Ampverse with e-sport market players, and more news

Google and Mayo Clinic on new AI project, Business Ampverse with e-sport market players, and more news

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series a new weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Business Ampverse with South Asian e-sport market players

The key players in the e-gaming and esports South Asian markets have come together to launch gaming and esports business Ampverse. The team shall also have strategic advisors such as Rob Gilby, Ex MD of Walt Disney of South East Asia. With this, the gaming industry in South Asia views better opportunities to capitalize on gaming’s growth at the global level.

Google and Mayo Clinic on a new AI project

With a ten-year-long partnership, Google and Mayo Clinic have come together with a goal to transform the healthcare institution’s uses of patient data, AI, and cloud-computing services across all its work from care delivery to product development. 

Chatbot for employees: The new trend! 

The chatbot industry is observing a new trend in the market. Unlike the chatbot service is famous for improving customer service experience, the new trend aims to penetrate chatbots for a better understanding of the employees and contributing to improving their performance. The trend in the HR field may encourage further research projects of technology integration. 

ROBO Pilot interacts with the aviation mission computer

The new ROBO pilot in the aviation industry interacts with an airplane. As it would get information and data from the Global Positioning System and SA sensor, the Robo-pilot would enable making automated flight decisions.

Iris recognition to reduce the presence of type II diabetes. 

Recent research has made it possible where the biometric accuracy of Iris recognition is reduced in the existence of type two diabetes. This has boosted further research and development in the Iris recognition industry. 

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