Throwback Thursday Independence day special 15th August 2019

Unlike the usual ThrowbackThursday, this week’s Throwback is exceptionally special for JSB Market Research. As 15th August 2019 leads India to 73rd year of Independence, this week’s ThrowbackThursday is dedicated to every Indian freedom fighter who contributed to making India an Independent nation.

1857 Revolt:

This is known to be the first revolt against the East India Company, the first war of independence. Though the revolt failed, its impact on Indians suffering from British rule was intense as it gave them hopes of home rule. Additionally, it put fear in the mind of British rulers. 

Partition of Bengal:

Announced on 19 July 1905, the partition of Bengal separated the largely Muslim eastern areas from the largely Hindu western areas. While India was on a rise of unity awakening, the partition of Bengal brought many Indians together to fight against Lord Curzon and British rule. The event left the Bengal streets full of Bande Mataram echoes. 

Azad Hind Fauj:

Azad Hind Fauj was formed with an aim to secure Indian independence from British rule. The army played a crucial role in the WW2 and rightfully channelizing the outrage against British order.  The Fauj had around 45,000 soldiers, including a number of prisoners of war and Indians who were settled in various countries of south-east Asia.

The entry of non-violent freedom fighters:

The era of non-violent freedom fighters is considered to be an important one with some of the major contributing events such as quit India movement, salt march, Satyagraha Movement. It brought Indians together on a large scale and showed a unified India before the British rule. 

1947 independence:

With continuous revolts and movements taking place across India, freedom fighters weakened the hold of british rule, eventually making them leave after world war two. With immense efforts by thousands of people across the nation, India is living 72 years of its independence. India continues to thrive in a self-governed economy. 

Thought the aforementioned are some of the key movements that had a major contribution to India’s independence history, there were several other revolts and movements which cannot go ignored. 

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