New regulations for deep sea mining, Hyundai introduces car with solar panel roof and more news.

New regulations for deep sea mining, Hyundai introduces car with solar panel roof and more news.

The last week observed a few ups and downs in diverse global industries. JSB Market Research’s new ThrowbackThursday series is a weekly update for its readers. Now, get a closer view of the market every week! 

Regulations to be set by 2020 for deep sea mining: 

Owing to the increasing demand for metals in batteries, the potential of opening deep-sea mining continues to thrive in a controversial market landscape. The last week received added criticism to the deep-sea mining industry. However, as per the recent research reports, the theoretical regulations for the international deep-sea mining will be taken seriously owing to the new technology from many terrestrial mines. 

“TYS” a new blockchain application in supply chain 

IBM soon to have a tie-up with Chainyard for a new product, TYS offering it to a prominent list of clients. The list will include Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, and Anheuser-Busch InBev. The new blockchain application in the supply chain is expected to have a smooth and transparent verification network.

Hyundai introduces car with solar panel roof

Sonata Hybrid, Hyundai’s new launched car has solar panels to help charge its battery. Additionally, Tesla also expressed its interest in exploring solar panel roofing in vehicles. The last week was certainly for solar vehicles market at the global level. With this, the global solar vehicle industry is projected to have a healthy CAGR of more than 36% by 2026. 

Endoline Machinery and FANUC partner up for new projects: 

The paper printing Endoline Machinery has launched a sister company and formed a strategic partnership with FANUC.  To emphasize on the robotic palletising equipment, the duo sees a progressive period ahead with their new projects in the robotics in paper, printing industry. 

The demand for endoscopy visualization systems on rise 

Market research conducted in the last week observed massive growth potential in endoscopy visualization systems. Owing to the increasing demand for EVS, researchers project a better future for the global industry. 

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