5G, IoT and What’s more in the Telecom Industry Trends 2019?

5G, IoT and What’s more in the Telecom Industry Trends 2019?

Midst we celebrate the International Telecom Day, JSB Market Research team had a quick run through the trends in the industry. Lo and behold, it bleeds over various tech sectors!

The internet revolution of the past decade and an explosion of demands in consumers have made it to the tech innovations adoptions in the telecom industry. Be it IoT, cloud adoption or blockchain technology these are some sectors that are getting heard in the telecom industry for the past few years.

This blog explores the ways in which the telecom industry is incorporating such new tech innovations and viewing new trends. What we could expect for the future of the telecom industry!

5G finally:

Ten times faster than 4G LTE, the astounding yet perplex prospects of the 5G network have already been welcomed by China, U.S., and South Korea with experimental phases. The hyped 5G network will again speed up the growth of IoT projects underway.

However, it may also lead to increase in hacking and cyber crimes in the world. Cyber defense is something that the telecom industry may have to work on real soon. By the end of 2019, what today is still in the experimental phase will actually accelerate.

IoT investments increases:

The introduction of IoT to the telecom industry triggered improved collaborations with several other industries. Though it initially enabled multi-device data exchange which is still evolving in its own way, IoT today has gone far beyond shared data ownership.

The number of IoT devices have already crossed 25 billion last year and may reach 30 by 2020. Both, data centers and networks are responsible to meet the demands of the IoT endpoint behavior for hosting and processing the information.

The role of telecom additionally expects to deliver broad sensor hardware support. One of the key challenges in its implementation is managing the enormous data that the IoT edge will throw!

Blockchain: guarding the data

While enough discussions have been made on data breach, incorporating blockchain in the telecom industry can serve as a solution. Addressing 5G networks & threaten data security, it will further open the doors of modern applications.

Be it roaming, smart connection, mobile money blockchain is projected as potential game-changer in the telecom industry. Blockchain can emphasize on interoperability between internal and external systems which will bring down the compliance cost and save operators from fraudulence cases.

Cloud adoption:

Needless to say, cloud adoption has brought easily expandable network reach to the telecom industry.

With the increasing developments in incorporating cloud technology in the telecom sector, 2019 equally emphasizes on the cloud data security which is emerging as a major concern in consumers.

Telecom Transformers:

When we are talking about the emerging trends in the telecommunications sector, the telecom transformers cannot be left behind when bringing massive changes in the market.

AT&T’s innovation and reinvention investment strategy is never a fail. Its continuous battling efforts in the 5G area has kept everyone to cling their elbow to the seats. 2019 will view a new version of the AT&T with its innovation & ventures impacting the global telecom industry.

Speaking of prices, AT&T had been one of the cheapest internet providers in the world. However, the cut-throat competition in India and the launch of Jio has brought downed the prices to as low as 10 INR per Gb per day. This has made India, the cheapest internet provider in the world.

Over a period, the telecom industry has taken multi-dimensional shape. Today, most of the aforementioned sectors are eating up the developments and trends of the telecom industry and evolving in their own way.

– Written by Gauri Ludbe 

Business Writer

JSB Market Research

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