Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Perspective on Forefront!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Perspective on Forefront!

Autism refers to complex neurological disorder mainly involving social impairments and interactions. The individual is mostly affected by developmental language and in the ability to communicate. It is observed with a rigid and at times repetitive behaviors. These range of symptoms makes it known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD. Additionally, it covers a large array of symptoms which are mostly regarding skill and impairment.  Autism Disorder ASD affects normal life in severity and limits day to day activities, further requiring external help or medical attention.

Symptoms Of ASD

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders provides accurate data on people having Autism parameters. They specifically portray as people who have the disorder are advocated in the following symptoms.

  • Mostly having difficulty in communication and interaction with other people mostly stranger.
  • A restrictive behavior which is at times difficult to approach.
  • Interests are further not in contrast to the general population.
  • At times there are symptoms which are associated with a person’s ability in functioning well. This is mostly seen in academics and cultural activities.

Autism is at times described as a disorder being termed as “Spectrum”, mostly because there is a variation of type and severity in the symptoms associated in it. There are often a severity of the symptoms in people who experience it. As an overall, ASD is a disorder that occurs in all groups people irrespective of any racial or ethnic groups.

Largely, it is a lifelong disorder where treatments can be implemented to help the persons in the day to day functions. The American Academy of Pediatrics further recommends children on a young age group to be screened at centers for autism. The caregivers should first talk to the doctor on the ASD screening for an evaluation process to happen.

Diagnosis of Autism

The diagnosis of ASD is made by looking at the behavioral pattern of the individual. Often the developmental process is further used by the age group of two. It is often important to seek immediate attention and assessment, in further to treat any negative portrayal of the disorder. In accordance with an early diagnosis, it is possible that a better treatment can begin in adverse conditions.

Each child who is suspicious should receive a checkup in early days. This can be done with a pediatrician or even with an early childhood health care provider. The American Academy of Pediatrics further makes a recommendation that all children must be screened in accordance with their developmental delays. The age group of such children should be around 9 and 30 months, and a regular visit will ensure a profound treatment in the long term process. At the 18 to 24-month visit, the screening is further improved.

The ASD symptoms in older children are recognized by parents and teacher when they start reading in school. The evaluation is further made with the school’s education team. The process follows, the school team being performed with adequate evaluation. These children are further processed with the primary health care doctor. It is there where health care doctors are appointed for specialized screening in the ASD domain.

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The treatment begins just after the diagnosis. Early treatment involves proper care, as medicines largely cannot change the behavioral symptoms.

However, early treatment can be important as it can largely reduce the difficulties of individuals’ and help them in learning new skills. This can further make most of the strengths and weakness go ahead.

A wide range of issues faced by people on the outcome of ASD has suggested that the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder is not there on the overall ground. Working with doctors and therapeutics can easily make the process tolerable, as living with autistic individuals is also a different task altogether.

Often people with ASD symptoms can be referred to doctors. They specialize in behavioral, psychological, educational and skill set processes. The programs are highly structured for an intensive involvement of patents and the family members.

Autism is mostly a genetic disorder which is characterized by environmental issues. The behavioral pattern is often affected which also causes a repetitive behavior. Generally, it cannot be prevented and certain risk factors include alcohol, pesticides or pollution, which is taken by the mother prior/during pregnancy. Various controversies have been surrounded on the proposed effects due to the environment, A vaccine hypothesis has been largely not approved in recent times. The whole process affects some brain connections and organization issues of nerve cell synapses.

Awareness for Autism is observed every year on the 2nd of April. This is organized mostly by the member states of the United Nations. They dominantly preach to take measures in raising awareness about people with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Awareness is largely needed as people who are diagnosed with the disorder is often not well treated in the general population. Making people aware thus make it easy to support the people who are affected lead a normal life.

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