How is AI helping thrive every sector? Watch out the projected trends in 2018

How is AI helping thrive every sector? Watch out the projected trends in 2018

Market leaders invest in the AI and machine learning research to offer better than the best to their customers. What will the new tech trends bring to business industries? 

Artificial Intelligence is gradually getting into every sector of the industry. Be it farming or architecture AI advancements are growing rapidly. You may not feel its presence but AI technology and machine learning are the two trends which are subtly becoming a major part of our everyday life

Speaking of businesses, this technology is becoming the open secret of every leading firm’s next move in the industry. Research reports have shown a significant number of market players are investing in the AI research and development, healthcare and communication being the some of the top AI-driven industries.


Google’s parent company Alphabet has shifted its AI emphasization to the healthcare sector apart from its ‘other bets’ investments. The tech-hub has begun applying Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare solutions while partnering with some of the renowned insurance companies. They are venturing into gadgets that can manage and detect patients risks.

Another AI development booming this year is the robot-assisted surgery. The first such surgery has already taken place in March this year in Kazakhstan. The da Vinci technique has made several complex methods easy to perform offering greater flexibility and precision to surgeons. A couple of virtually assisted nursing AI tools have also been introduced to the market attracting the healthcare technology trend.


Niti Ayog, the think tank of Indian economy has partnered with a tech giant to employ AI technology driven agri-assistance for the farmers of India. The company will use satellite and sensor images, real-time weather data and machine learning to offer the advisory assistant.

Robotic harvesting tools and yield-boosting algorithms are some more AI advancements of the year making a big hit in the agriculture sector. Taking it further, the technology is creating chatbots specially designed for farmers. Using this technology, farmers can communicate in their regional language and solve their doubts through virtual assistants. These chatbots will have advanced voice modulation data to understand the local language of farmers.


Education is rapidly getting integrated with Artificial Intelligence creating advanced academic solutions for students which complement their classroom learning. The advancements are making the education more interesting and interactive with personalized doubts solving and question answering. Although technology cannot replace the conventional teacher-student education, it is certainly adding a methodological application to make the learning easier and better.

Not only students but also the teachers are getting benefited from the advancements in Edtech AI domain. One such development helps instructors to determine the weak areas of a student to help them focus more on that area eventually raising the overall learning bar of a student.


AI has been majorly revolutionized in the field of corporate communication making it more efficient and easier. Artificial Intelligence is contributing to establishing the trust determining factors of consumers. If your consumer does not trust the answers received, the credibility of your firm can be lost. AI technology is using advanced techniques to offer personalized yet accurate information to the customers and build a trustworthy communication with them.

Identity-based communication is also an emerging advancement in the field of corporate communication which will help understand the customer requirement through data fetched and will be able to guide consumers to get their needs fulfilled. In the same manner, AI and machine learning are improving the internal communication of companies to ensure smooth flow of work. It will make faster and precise response to the queries raised and may lead to greater conversions as well.


Already in the trends, the automobile industry has started thriving even more after the automated technology came in. Along with big automobile undertakings like Tesla, BMW and Volvo the AI technology in this industry has also attracted the E-commerce giant Alibaba.

There are certain drawbacks in the development, although, 2018 may become the year to overcome all shortcomings of self-driving cars heating up trends in the next few months.

Artificial Intelligence will be here to stay and will continue astonishing us with its marvelous contribution to every sector. The journey, however, is so astoundingly rapid that people are getting accustomed to interacting with technology in their everyday life.

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