AI creating more jobs than taking them, says report.

AI creating more jobs than taking them, says report.

Artificial intelligence will lead humans to lose jobs and will result into a widespread redundancy, that is the theory that is reiterated anyway.

New market research reports, however reveal that organizations which are investing in automated, smart teaching systems are more likely creating supplementary jobs along with it.

A reputed market research company surveyed 1000 businesses which have employed AI based systems and found out that 4 out 5 organizations have created more job opportunities that taking them.

Furthermore, 2/3rd of respondents said that there had been no reduction in overall jobs due to Artificial intelligence.

Even if the AI is at its very early stage, the technology that will be availed in next five years is going to be much better.

All the signs predicting that the incoming of machine learning will be used to supplement the existing workforce, are right on the money as per market research.

Other research findings

Moreover, other conclusions of the report show that AI is at present, is having a substantial bottom line effect – three quarters of interviewees were able to attribute a 10% or larger rise in sales as a result of their AI disposition.

As per market research, customer service will go through the most major transformation, with 73% of respondents stating that they can use AI for better customer satisfaction.

Head of this market research survey spoke about his findings and commented that the key point gleaned from the research was that Artificial intelligence could lead the world to one of the biggest socio-economic revolution the world has ever seen.

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of ‘reskilling’ to reveal the power of transformative Artificial Intelligence technology within a business.

The objective of re-skilling would be to make employees better at leveraging data to enhance customer service, speeding up the R&D process and innovate.

AI to complement the workforce than replacing

Rather than replacing humans, AI will complement the workforce. Other statistics that backup these facts come from job websites which declared that there has been a five-times increase in the number of Artificial Intelligence careers advertised in the UK, in the last three years.

Other online market research sources stated that they also found that the demand for artificial intelligence experts and data scientists surpassed the supply, with 2.3 vacancies per applicant.

Employers in each sector are keen to use AI and need workers with the right skill to fill these roles.

As the AI sector grows, so does the potential for widespread application of Technology. Thus investing in training the right skills will take the industry to new heights.

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