Retail Industry 2016 Trends All Focused to Better User Experience

Retail Industry AnalysisFrom cloud based solutions, retail management, in-mobile applications, fraud control and tapping of social media platforms, the retail industry trends for 2016 is even moving to a bigger progress. Here is all you need to look ahead in terms of service, technology, user experience, and customers’ security on the internet for regarding retailing experience this year.

Integrated Payment Options to Consumers

Given the rise in mobile payments, the merchants will support newer and better secured payment gateways. The retail industry analysis confirms that Apple Pay, NFC payments, Samsung Pay, AND Android pay will take the lead apart from PayPal service. Also, Mercury, a retailer’s choice of payment solution can boom in mobile payments’ category.

Unified Data Collection- Online and Offline

In 2016, positive scope is being seen for analyzing offline and online data together. This will allow a comprehensive detail on customer’s buying experiences. According to the retail market research reports, there would be software and hardware tracking customer behavior on the store and outside. For e.g. evaluation of browsing of web-store on the internet, click reads, purchase history, reviews, feedback sessions etc.

Smartphones Enabled for Click-and Collect Services

Retailers are experimenting with smartphones to enhance the click-and-collect facilities for shopping journeys. As per retail market reports, the smartphones are being target to hone notifications, alarms, in or out store pickup services so that everything is accessible only by a click. The orders thus placed can be tracked within seconds.

Frictionless Shopping on Mind

In omni-channel platforms, the focus is to remove friction from the gates of shopping. For 2016, there will be a push for eliminating friction at offer redemptions, offers, coupons, and rewards by updating the barcode screen for an application. The retail market research reveals that Apple mobile wallet automatically detects NFC readers. Thus, the users do not have to activate their phones or an app for beginning the payment process.

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