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A thorough SWOT analysis! Didn’t disappoint us and was worth every dollar spent.


We could analyze revenues situation through statistics of Capital Market Ratios and Financial Ratios. So it would be a thumbs up from our team! Keep up the good work!


 The 2017 updated report Oceania Cruises, Inc. : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis was really enlightening. The recent developments, strategies, SWOT analysis, even the company statement were on point.

Logistics Industry Market Research & Industry Statistics

Logistics is one of the world’s largest industries, it’s sector includes airplanes, ships, trucks, barges, warehouses, courier services as well as logistic services. In great extent, it now includes utilization of artificial intelligence and robotics in terms of self-driving trucks/ cars and eventually may also include a noteworthy level of robotics delivering vehicles.

For the industry to work, being local to the source of the raw material [ whatever needs moving] is necessary, it means that the vehicle is close to base and to the source of business as well. The basic requirement of shifting goods from point A to B still dominates. Even so, there is a more sophisticated need to proffer solutions for providing goods storage, management of supply as well as moving products in a very tight window of time. The point of contention is the unhealthy focus on price, which stamps out any innovation in the industry. Individuals associated with the business, therefore need logistics market analysis to assist them in growth.Read More..

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By Technavio | Logistics | Jun 2018 | Pages 107

Less-than-truckload (LTL)Less-than-truckload (LTL) is a transportation service that is used for shipping relatively small loads of freight. LTL shipments contain lesser quantity in comparison to full truckload (FTL). To reduce....

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By Technavio | Logistics | Jun 2018 | Pages 126

Smart Railway Systems Smart railway systems are a set of new-generation solutions, services, and modern transportation offered by railways using information and communications technology (ICT). These systems are installed....

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By Technavio | Logistics | May 2018 | Pages 107

Refrigerated WarehousingRefrigerated warehouses are used to store perishable products such as meat, fruits and vegetables, and frozen packaged food to extend the shelf life and maintain the quality and....

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By Technavio | Logistics | May 2018 | Pages 108

Refrigerated TransportationRefrigerated transportation refers to the movement of temperature-sensitive cargo in specialized containers called reefers that have an in-built refrigeration system.Technavios analysts forecast the refrigerated transportation market in the....

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By Technavio | Logistics | May 2018 | Pages 99

PalletPallets used in manufacturing, retail, and logistics industries are flat structures made of either wood, plastic, paper, and metal. Pallets are used to stack small items together. This stacking....

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