UAE Healthcare Sector Outlook 2022

  • Published Date: 01 Apr 2016
  • Number of Pages: 140
  • Category: Healthcare and Medical
  • Country: Global
With rising initiatives by government, the UAE Healthcare market is witnessing an astonishing growth. This is due to sedentary lifestyle by the population of Emirates and growing medical tourism in the region. Also, the UAE government is extensively expanding and upgrading its healthcare system to develop strong world class healthcare infrastructure. The government is also encouraging private sector participation to upgrade the existing infrastructure and match the quality of services offered in developed countries.

Further, the UAE Government is also liberalizing policies to attract foreign investments, in order to improvise the healthcare standard and boost the healthcare industry. Our holistic research and analysis depicts that the healthcare market of UAE will grow at a CAGR of around 8% during the forecast period 2016 to 2022.

According to latest research report titled, UAE Healthcare Sector Outlook 2022, the Emirate of UAE has witnessed significant deals in terms of mergers, acquisition and strategic tie ups between healthcare stakeholders, public and private entities to enhance the healthcare industry. Our report provides an extensive information and rational analysis of UAEs healthcare market. An individual market analysis of key emirates describing their healthcare infrastructures, resources and future outlook will help build a clear understanding of the industrys performance.

The report provides the analysis on contributions by MOH, private and other public sector to the countrys healthcare industry. Various government initiatives in terms of health programs, focus in training & development, investment and regulatory reforms have also been mentioned. The report includes an in depth-analysis of shortage and demand for hospital beds and number of doctors, along with thorough understanding of current investment opportunity and competitive landscape of the countrys pharmaceutical players and hospitals, which will help the client to understand the market along with the structure and growth in coming years.
Publisher Name : RNCOS
1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. UAE Healthcare Market Overview
4. Market Attractions
4.1 Favorable Demographics
4.2 Epidemiological Backdrop
4.2.1 Diabetes
4.2.2 Hypertension and Obesity
4.2.3 Cancer
5. Emerging Market Trends
5.1 Rising Medical Tourism Driving Healthcare Industry
5.2 Mandatory Health Insurance Accelerating the Industry
5.3 Government Initiatives Forming Comprehensive Healthcare System
5.4 Mergers and Acquisition Driving Healthcare Industry
6. Hospital Services Market
6.1 Hospital and Bed Capacity
6.1.1 MOH Hospitals
6.1.2 Other Government Sector Hospitals
6.1.3 Private Sector Hospitals
6.2 Hospital Bed Demand Projection till 2022
7. Healthcare Services in Emirates
7.1 Dubai
7.1.1 Overview
7.1.2 Healthcare Infrastructure
7.1.3 Healthcare Professionals
7.1.4 Future Outlook
7.2 Abu Dhabi
7.2.1 Overview
7.2.2 Healthcare Infrastructure
7.2.3 Healthcare Professionals
7.2.4 Future Outlook
7.3 Sharjah
7.3.1 Overview
7.3.2 Healthcare Infrastructure
7.3.3 Healthcare Professionals
7.3.4 Future Outlook
7.4 Other Emirates
7.4.1 Ajman
7.4.2 Ras Al Khaimah (R.A.K)
7.4.3 Fujairah
7.4.4 Umm al-Quwain (U.A.Q)
8. Medical Devices Market Outlook 2022
8.1 Market Overview
8.2 Market Segmentation
8.3 Imports and Domestic Production
8.4 Regulatory Environment
9. Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2022
9.1 Market Overview
9.2 Prescription and OTC Drugs
9.3 Generic and Patented Drugs
9.4 Imported and Domestically Manufactured Drugs
9.5 Regulatory Environment
10. Government Initiatives
10.1 Health Programs
10.2 Focus on Training and Development of Healthcare Professionals
10.3 Investment in Healthcare Infrastructure
10.4 Regulatory Reforms
11. Competitive Landscape
11.1 Hospital Services Industry
11.1.1 NMC Healthcare LLC
11.1.2 American Hospital
11.1.3 GMC Clinincs
11.1.4 Al Zahra Private Hospital
11.2 Pharmaceutical Industry
11.2.1 Julphar
11.2.2 Neopharma
11.2.3 Medpharma
11.2.4 Globalpharma Co. LLC

List Of Tables

Table 4-1: Demographic Characteristics (2014 & 2020)
Table 6-1: Number of MOH Hospitals by Emirate (2012)
Table 6-2: Number of MOH Hospitals by Specialty (2012)
Table 6-3: Number of MOH Hospital Beds by District (2012)
Table 6-4: Number of MOH Hospital Beds by Specialty (2012)
Table 6-5: MOH Hospital Services to Inpatients by Specialty (2012)
Table 6-6: MOH Hospital Services to Outpatients by Specialty (2012)
Table 6-7: Other Government Sector Hospitals by District (2012)
Table 6-8: Number of Other Government Sector Hospital Beds (2012)
Table 6-9: Private Sector Hospitals by Emirate (2012)
Table 6-10: Number of Private Sector Hospital Beds by Emirate (2012)
Table 6-11: Private Sector Hospital Services to Patients (2012)
Table 7-1: Dubai - MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2012)
Table 7-2: Dubai - Healthcare Professionals (2013)
Table 7-3: Abu Dhabi - Healthcare Infrastructure (2014)
Table 7-4: Abu Dhabi - Healthcare Professionals (2013)
Table 7-5: Sharjah - MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-6: Sharjah - Healthcare Professionals (2013)
Table 7-7: Ajman - MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-8: Ajman - Healthcare Professionals (2013)
Table 7-9: R.A.K - MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-10: R.A.K - Healthcare Professionals (2013)
Table 7-11: Fujairah - MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-12: Fujairah - Healthcare Professionals (2013)
Table 7-13: U.A.Q - MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-14: U.A.Q - Healthcare Professionals (2013)
Table 9-1: Local Pahrmaceutical Industries, 2015
Table 9-2: Prescription of Drugs by Preferences
Table 10-1: Healthcare Regulatory Authorities
Table 11-1 : NMC Healthcare LLC - Financial Overview (Million US$)
Table 11-2: Julphar Pharmaceuticals - Production Capacity
Table 11-3: Julphur - Financial Overview (Billion US$)
Table 11-4: Neopharma - Production Capacity, (Million)
Table 11-5: Medpharma - Production Capacity
Table 11-6: Globalpharma - Production Facilities

List Of Figures

Figure 3-1: Healthcare Market (Billion US$), 2015-2022
Figure 3-2: Healthcare Expenditure by Source of Financing (%), 2015 & 2022
Figure 4-1: Share of Expats and Nationals in Total Population (2015)
Figure 4-2: Number of Diabetic Patients (000), 2013, 2014 & 2035
Figure 5-1: Medical Tourists in Dubai (000), 2014, 2016 & 2020
Figure 6-1: Number of Hospitals, 2009-2012
Figure 6-2: Number of Public and Private Sector Hospitals, 2010-2012
Figure 6-3: Hospitals by Public/Private (%), 2012
Figure 6-4: Number of Hospital Beds, 2010-2013
Figure 6-5: Number of Public and Private Sector Hospital Beds (2010, 2011 & 2013)
Figure 6-6: Hospital Beds by Public/Private (%), 2013
Figure 6-7: Shortage of Number of Hospital Beds (000), 2011-2015
Figure 6-8: Number of MOH Hospital Beds, 2009-2012
Figure 6-9: Number of Private Sector Hospital Beds, 2010-2013
Figure 6-10: Demand for Number of Hospital Beds (000), 2016-2022
Figure 6-11: Shortage of Number of Doctors (000), 2011-2015
Figure 6-12: Demand for Number of Doctors (000), 2016-2022
Figure 7-1: Dubai - Hospital Beds by Public/Private (%), 2012
Figure 7-2: Dubai - Share of Inpatients & Outpatients in Public and Private Hospitals (%), 2012
Figure 7-3: Abu Dhabi - Leading Causes of Death (%), 2013
Figure 8-1: Medical Device Market (Million US$), 2014-2022
Figure 8-2: Medical Device Market by Segment (%), 2015
Figure 8-3: Forecast for Medical Device Market by Segment (%), 2022
Figure 8-4: Share of Imported and Domestically Manufactured Medical Devices (2015)
Figure 9-1: Pharmaceutical Market (Billion US$), 2014-2022
Figure 9-2: Share of Prescription and OTC Drugs in Pharmaceutical Market (2015)
Figure 9-3: Share of Generics and Patented Drugs in Pharmaceutical Market (2015)
Figure 9-4: Pharmaceutical Export/Import (Million US$), 2011-2014
Figure 9-5: Share of Imported and Domestically Manufactured Drugs in Pharmaceutical Market (2015)
Figure 11-1: NMC Healthcare LLC - Number of Inpatients (000), 2012-2014
Figure 11-2: NMC Healthcare LLC - Number of Outpatients (000), 2012-2014

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