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Global Energy Management Systems Market Outlook 2022

  • Published Date: 18 Jun 2018
  • Number of Pages: 90
  • Category: Energy and Utilities
  • Country: Global
With the rising population, increasing disposable income, and the structural shift in industrial sector in emerging economies, the energy consumption level increases, thereby widening the demand supply gap. This has led to increase in the usage of energy management systems in various industry verticals like power & energy, healthcare, etc. to analyze and recommend energy saving options to the user. The energy management systems provide the end-user a cost efficient solution for energy saving costs, and therefore the products are gaining the popularity worldwide. Moreover, government initiatives for sustainable low carbon environment are further accelerating the usage of such devices. Hence, the global energy management system market is expected to grow at a double digit CAGR during the forecasted period of 2017-2022.

The report Global Energy Management Systems Market Outlook 2022 provides key insights of global energy consumption, and features the factors pushing the market forward. On studying the market thoroughly, it was observed that the incorporation of IOT technology with the Energy Management Systems (EMS) was the major driving element along with other factors such as smart charging of electric vehicles, smart grid technology and government regulations for propelling the customer to adopt energy efficient practices.

Further, it also highlights the bifurcation of the global EMS market into verticals like by segment, application, and industry. The EMS market by segment is further sub-divided into equipment, and software and services. The equipment sub-segment consists of the hardware, which comprises devices like Smart Meters, Smart Thermostats and Smart Sensors; whereas the software and services segment provides the detailed overview of the various software applications and platforms along with analysis to optimize and reduce energy usage. Its application segment is sub-segmented according to the end-user, i.e. home, buildings and industries. However, in terms of industry verticals, the market is split into five verticals namely Power and Energy, Telecom and IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail and Offices.

Regional analysis of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa; is followed by the thorough analysis of major players with their business overview, key products and financials which will help the client to identify leading-edge opportunities along with better understanding of the market.
Publisher Name : RNCOS
1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Global Energy Sector - An Overview
4. Industry Trends and Drivers
4.1 IOT Technology Advancing the Energy Management System
4.2 Electrical Vehicle Charging Steering the need for Renewable Energy
4.3 Increasing Adoption of Smart Grid Services Stimulating the Market
4.4 Government Initiatives encouraging efficient energy consumption
5. Global Energy Management Systems Market Outlook 2022
5.1 By Segment
5.1.1 By Equipment Smart Meter Smart Sensor Smart Thermostat
5.1.2 By Software and Service
5.2 By Application
5.2.1 Home Energy Management System
5.2.2 Building Energy Management System
5.2.3 Industrial Energy Management System
5.3 By Industry Verticals
5.3.1 Power and Energy
5.3.2 Telecom and IT
5.3.3 Healthcare
5.3.4 Manufacturing
5.3.5 Retail and Offices
6. Regional Analysis
6.1 North America
6.2 Europe
6.3 Asia-Pacific
6.4 Latin America
6.5 Middle East and Africa
7. Key Players
7.1 General Electric Company
7.1.1 Business Overview
7.1.2 Key Products
7.1.3 Key Financials
7.1.4 Recent Developments
7.2 Johnson Controls International plc
7.2.1 Business Overview
7.2.2 Key Products
7.2.3 Key Financials
7.2.4 Recent Developments
7.3 C3 IoT
7.3.1 Business Overview
7.3.2 Product Portfolio
7.3.3 Recent Developments
7.4 Schneider Electric
7.4.1 Business Overview
7.4.2 Key Products
7.4.3 Key Financials
7.4.4 Recent Developments
7.5 Honeywell International Inc.
7.5.1 Business Overview
7.5.2 Key Products
7.5.3 Key Financials
7.5.4 Recent Developments
7.6 Siemens
7.6.1 Business Overview
7.6.2 Key Products
7.6.3 Key Financials
7.6.4 Recent Developments
7.7 Echelon Corporation
7.7.1 Business Overview
7.7.2 Key Products
7.7.3 Key Financials
7.7.4 Recent Developments
7.8 Rockwell Automation, Inc.
7.8.1 Business Overview
7.8.2 Key Products
7.8.3 Key Financials
7.8.4 Recent Developments
7.9 EnerNOC, Inc.
7.9.1 Business Overview
7.9.2 Key Products
7.9.3 Recent Developments
7.10 Eaton Corporation plc
7.10.1 Business Overview
7.10.2 Key Products
7.10.3 Key Financials
7.10.4 Recent Developments

List Of Tables

List of Tables:

Table 7-1: General Electric Company - Product Portfolio
Table 7-2: General Electric Company - Financial Overview (Billion US$), 2015-2017
Table 7-3: Johnson Controls International plc - Product Portfolio
Table 7-4: Johnson Controls International plc - Financial Overview (Billion US$), 2015-2017
Table 7-5: C3 IoT - Product Portfolio
Table 7-6: Schneider Electric - Product Portfolio
Table 7-7: Schneider Electric - Financial Overview (Million Euros), 2015-2017
Table 7-8: Honeywell International Inc. - Product Portfolio
Table 7-9: Honeywell International Inc. - Financial Overview (Billion US$), 2015-2017
Table 7-10: Siemens - Product Portfolio
Table 7-11: Siemens - Financial Overview (Billion Euros), 2015-2017
Table 7-12: Echelon Corporation - Product Portfolio
Table 7-13: Echelon Corporation - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2015-2017
Table 7-14: Rockwell Automation, Inc.- Product Portfolio
Table 7-15: Rockwell Automation, Inc. - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2015-2017
Table 7-16: EnerNOC, Inc. - Product Portfolio
Table 7-17: Eaton Corporation plc - Product Portfolio
Table 7-18: Eaton Corporation plc - Financial Overview (Billion US$), 2015-2017

List Of Figures

List of Figures:

Figure 3-1: Global - Energy Consumption by Sector (%), 2017
Figure 5-1: Global - Energy Management Systems Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-2: Global - Energy Management Systems Market by Segment (%), 2017
Figure 5-3: Global - Energy Management System Equipment Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-4: Global - Energy Management Smart Meter Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-5: Global - Energy Management Smart Sensor Market (Million US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-6: Global - Energy Management Smart Thermostat Market (Million US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-7: Global - Energy Management Software and Service Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-8: Global - Energy Management Systems Market by Application (%), 2017
Figure 5-9: Global - Home Energy Management System Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-10: Global - Building Energy Management System Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-11: Global - Industrial Energy Management System Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-12: Global - EMS Market for Power Sector (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 5-13: Global - EMS Market for Healthcare (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 6-1: Global - Energy Management Systems Market by Region (%), 2017
Figure 6-2: North America - Energy Management Systems Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 6-3: Europe - Energy Management Systems Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 6-4: Asia-Pacific - Energy Management Systems Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022
Figure 6-5: Latin America - Energy Management Systems Market (Million US$), 2017-2022
Figure 6-6: Middle East and Africa - Energy Management Systems Market (Billion US$), 2017-2022

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