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Thank you JSB team for this project profile suggestion. I bought two reports from your site and both the reports were complementing one another and equally worthwhile. I, however, would recommend the hydroelectric power plant report as it was helpful while investing in our turbine project investment.


Monitoring the project profile of the Rourkela cement plant became simple because of this report. Thanks.


We comprehended a number of facts about the commercial application of glass wall systems which we weren’t aware of earlier. It had so much of new information that our we set up a whole new team for the execution of planning made based on this report. Great work for sure! 

Construction Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The worldwide construction industry is growing rapidly in the recent years. Construction industry reports analysis show that the increased per capita income in the emerging economies, overall growth in population and lower unemployment rates for advanced economies are some of the crucial reasons for the growth of the market.

According to construction market research, economic development commonly needs substantial investments in new constructions and expansions and improvements to the existing infrastructure.  Meanwhile, in the developing economies, during the expansion phase there is growth in construction.

Residential/ non-residential builders, real- estate agents, contractors, heavy construction firms and engineering companies are the main sectors in the construction industry. JSB Construction market analysis, estimate that in short time, the global industry will be actively be driven by infrastructure, private housing and commercial construction undertakings.Read More..

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Construction in Hungary - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022Following a period of negative growth during 2016, the Hungarian construction industry recovered in 2017, supported by positive developments in regional....

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Construction in France - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022Frances construction industry recovered in 2017, after sustained weakness since 2008. This was driven by positive developments in regional economic conditions,....

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Construction in Germany - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022Germanys construction industry regained growth momentum in 2017, with output expanding by 2.3% in real terms - up from 1.9% in....

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By GlobalData | Construction | Jul 2018 | Pages 62

Global Construction Outlook to 2022The Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) expects the pace of expansion in the global construction industry to average 3.6% a year over the forecast period (2018-2022) -....

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By GlobalData | Construction | Jun 2018 | Pages 43

Construction in Italy - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022After contracting since 2008, the Italian construction industry posted a slight recovery in 2016, which continued in 2017 supported by improving....

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